Naked Christ

The sculpture


by Michele Coxon


Michele Coxon's Naked ChristThis sculpture of Christ was inspired by Michelangelo’s wooden crucifix – ‘The Naked Christ’ (1492-1493).

The materials I have used are all found on my walks along the River Vyrnwy and around the fields of Meifod, Wales, where I live.

The wood is worn, softened and shaped by the water. Metal is left abandoned by farmers to turn the colour of autumn rust.

The bones of dead sheep are picked clean by crows and wild foxes and scavenged by the wind.

To pass a carcass day after day, watching it slowly decay and return to the soil has influenced my art.

When I started the Naked Christ I did intend to have a cross but over the weeks I could not find the right piece of wood. By then I realised that I did not need a physical cross. I wanted the image of a man who has suffered and whose earthly body is decaying, like the animals on my walks.

The soul has flown, but only just.